PCB Layout and Analysis

We have good experience in offering Custom PCB Design Services for RF, HDI and mixed signal multi-layer PCB layout and analysis for complex multi-processor and multi-layer boards with proven PCB Layout Design services methodologies, process and quality checks.


PCB Layout and Analysis or Custom PCB Design Services is a product design process involving high-level engineering tools for board design. PCB Design and Analysis is the point in a design stage at which all the design decisions made earlier come together and where unforeseen problems related to performance, power distribution analysis, signal integrity, thermal analysis and noise mismatching make themselves known and have to be resolved.

PCB Layout and Analysis

Outdid Unified is among the custom PCB Design Services companies in Bangalore. We have good experience in offering PCB Design Analysis Services. Our expertise in PCB Layout and Analysis cover complex multi-processor, MIL-STD-compliant, multi-layer boards, Highly dense and complex small footprint PCBs with proven design methodologies, processes and quality checks. We have an experienced Custom PCB Design Services team that deliver world-class PCBs that are certifiable, deliver highest performance, manufacturable, low cost and thermally-efficient.

PCB Layout Design Services

Outdid Unified is among the Board and PCB Design companies in Bangalore offering custom PCB Design Services or PCB Layout and Analysis services consists of award-winning high-speed, digital and mixed-signal PCB layouts for VME, VPX, cPCI, PCIe, XMC bus and custom architectures, which have been deployed for various consumer, industrial, aerospace and defense applications.

As part of our Custom PCB Design services, we also offer PCB reverse engineering in case of lack of documentation and re-engineering services to fix flaws and/or to optimize existing PCB designs for cost of obsolescence management.

Library Management

  • Library Management for PCB Design Services covering
  • IEEE based schematics symbol creation or custom
  • IPC7351 PCB Land pattern method
  • Footprints for least, maximum or nominal
  • Component management

Custom Pcb Design Services

  • RF and Antenna PCBs
  • High Density Interconnects (HDIs) PCBs
  • Multi-layer PCBs (up to 32)
  • Flex and RigidFlex

Block Diagram

HDI, Flex and Rigid based Custom PCB Design Services that include