Mixed Signal Design

Mixed signal designs from a simple prototyping board to fully integrated systems addressing signal integrity, power consumption, EMI/EMC, manufacturability and testability based on project requirements.



Outdid Unified’s engineering team has rich experience and proven expertise in designing mixed signal solutions like power management modules, RF radio, LVDS signalling, ADC/DAC converters, etc. down to 20nm processes. Our engineering team provides end-to-end services for high speed, low noise, mixed signal designs from designing, layout/mask design, verification to production support and product sustenance.


  • 1

    Mixed Signal Verification

    • Design verification
    • Test plan and test bench creation
    • Development of automated checkers and stimulated checkers
    • Development and execution of test benches
    • Defect reporting and tracking to closure
  • 2

    High Speed ADCs and DACs

    • RADAR
    • Electronic Warfare
    • SONAR
    • Audio and Video applications
    • Naval and Airborne Systems
  • 3

    Mixed Signal Techniques

    • Manage Analog and Digital Grounds
    • Manage Decoupling of mixed-signal ICs
    • Partitioning of Digital and Analog Circuits
    • Isolation Techniques
    • Power Supply Noise Reduction and Filtering
    • High-Speed Logic
  • 4

    Antenna Integration

    • COTS antenna selection & impedance matching
    • Cost-benefit & performance analysis
    • Co-location of multiple antennas & de-correlation