Mechanical Design Service

The mechanical design of the system depends on the mechanical, electronics, and packaging design professionals. To achieve a single design that fulfills all of the overall criteria is a crucial element in the mechanical design portion of the embedded hardware design. By focusing on a single approach, the effort of perfecting the design can be focused on a single design. The risk involved in designing is handled through research and experimentation in the earlier stages.


Our Mechanical design team helps to realize the right enclosure or mechanicals required for a product, considering the aesthetics, cost, cooling requirements, durability, ruggedness, safety aspects etc. Our capabilities include designing of Rackmount Chassis, DIN rail systems, Desktop Enclosure, Handheld Enclosure, Box type Enclosure, NEMA Enclosure, and Rugged Enclosure.

Some of the design services we offer are:

Industrial design

Conceptual drawing

Rapid Prototyping

Sheet metal / Plastic enclosures

Drawing format conversion

Packaging / Carton / Label design

Thermal design and cooling solutions