Industrial and Rugged Designs

Industrial and Rugged Designs and Rugged System Design for consumer, industrial applications that meet key product considerations like styling and appearance, ruggedization, environmental and safety standards.



Ruggedized sub-systems and systems are built to withstand the harshest environments. They are designed and constructed so as not to fail under the most difficult operating conditions. The term ruggedization refers to designs that are tested at high temperatures with high yield fallout. For truly Rugged Designs, boards and systems need to be designed for harsh environment from the ground up. Special attention and care needs to be given to component selection; circuit design; printed circuit board (PCB) thickness, layout, and materials; thermal solutions; enclosure and mechanical design; and manufacturing process for ensuring ruggedization and building a Rugged System Design.

Outdid Unified’s is an embedded product design company offering development of custom industrial and rugged designs and enclosures keeping in mind aesthetics, durability, ruggedization, EMI/EMC protection, safety compliance and product cost. We use best-in-class techniques to ensure that the products designed by us operate reliably in extremes of temperature, shock, vibration, and environment.

Product Ruggedization

We here at Outdid Unified are expert in shaping your concepts and ideas into realistic design and prototypes. While designing your products we consider factors that directly or indirectly affect the design of your product which includes cost efficiency, user friendly interface, accuracy and ease of manufacturability and serviceability which is helpful to the client in short term as well as long term basis. We have a dedicated team of manufactures working across the globe, keen to manufacture your product on small scale as well as large scale with accuracy and ensure on-time deliveries. We follow a Design Strategy where we analyze your concepts and create a virtual image which helps you visualize the complete product. From Designing to creating prototypes and to mass manufacturing we have different set of resources and we engage the best set of resources for your product

Board Design Services

To cater to the ruggedization needs of the consumer market, we offer industrial and rugged designs that are FCC/CE compliant and meet key product considerations like styling and appearance, EMI/EMC protection, thermal cooling for internal components, ruggedization for drop shock and environmental stress, safety compliance and ease of assembly.


  • 1

    Concept Engineering

    • Enclosure design ruggedization requirement
    • Rugged Design feasibility study w.r.t. conforming to industrial/defense/aerospace standards
    • Material science management
    • Rugged system Design with EMI/EMC shielding and Gaskets
    • Alloys for specific application
    • Fasteners
  • 2

    Rugged Design

    • 3D CAD modeling and design
    • Structural analysis
    • Thermal Management and EMI/EMC shielding for ruggedization
    • Integration of electronics design, PCB layout, and industrial / rugged designs
    • Prototype development
    • Manufacturing support
  • 3

    Thermal management methods

    • Convection cooled
    • Air flow-through
    • Conduction cooled
    • Forced air conduction cooled
    • Liquid cooled
  • 4

    Compliance Standards

    • FCC/CE standards
    • MIL standards for environmental compliance and ruggedization
    • MIL-STD-810 environmental compliance
    • MIL-STD-901D shock qualified enclosures
    • MIL-STD-167 vibration qualified enclosures
    • MIL-STD-461 / EMI / RFI / tempest secure systems
    • JSS 55555 standards
  • 5

    Ruggedization Tests

    • Power Burn-in, Random Vibration, Shock, Thermal Cycling
    • High/low temperature storage cum operation
    • Low Pressure (Altitude), Humidity Test
    • Driving rain and drip Test, Dust Test
    • Fungus Test, Saltfog Test, Fluid Contamination Test
    • Acceleration Test, Bench Handling
    • Transit Drop Test
    • EMI/EMC, Power Supply, Insulation and Bonding


An expanded isometric view of a Rugged Design System